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Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 2/2]

Title: Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 2/2]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, fluff, humor
Pairing: Main!Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae plan a secret date to get Yesung and Ryeowook together, but will it work out?
Disclaimer: SM owns the boys, I just write about them.

Part 2 is here! I swear I dreamed about this one last night. All these couple fanfics are really getting to me, but in a really good way! Anyway, enjoy the ending!

"Got any ideas yet?" Eunhyuk asked a pacing Donghae.

"Nope, nothing. Man why are these two so...different?" grunted Donghae, plopping down on the bed next to his boyfriend.

"We have a nature lover with a phitrum fetish and an innocent ajumma. How does that work out?" Eunhyuk laid down on the bed, shielding the light from his eyes with his arm.

"Well let's think. What kind of places would fit their personalities and make them feel comfortable?" asked Donghae.

"A zoo for Yesung, and maybe a musical conservatory for Wookie," stated Eunhyuk.

"Well, Wookie won't like the zoo, since he's scared of snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlers that Yesung loves."

"And Yesung's not much of a composer like Wookie, so the musical conservatory's out of the question." The two of them sighed. Planning a date to get their best friends together was more difficult than they expected.

"Why did Yesung have to be so...strange? I swear I thought he was an alien disguised as a human the first time I met him!" exclaimed Donghae.

"Yesung's not strange Hae, he's a little bit out of the ordinary, but that's why Wookie loves him, cuz he's different and he's not afraid to be himself," replied Eunhyuk.

"You know, maybe we're not thinking right. Instead of thinking places where they'd feel comfortable-" Donghae started.

"We should think of places where they won't feel comfortable!" Eunhyuk sat up and kissed Donghae right on the lips.

"Hae you're a genius!"

"You're so late Hyukie." Eunhyuk punched him playfully.

"Enough chit chat. Let's think." The two of them sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling, wracking their brains for an idea.

"I've got it!" exclaimed Eunhyuk.

"Really, cuz I've got nothing," replied Donghae.

"So what is it?"

"You know that haunted house that opened near our the dorm? The one in the park?" Eunhyuk began.

Donghae's eyes widened.

"Oh you're good Hyukie. Real good."


"Hyung! You know how much I hate haunted houses! They scare me to death!" shrieked Ryeowook. Here he was, at the park, with his two hyungs, about to enter a haunted house.

"Ok what I do to deserve this punishment? Please just tell me what I did wrong!" The eternal maknae shrieked again, this time on the verge of tears.

"You didn't do anything wrong Wookie. This was our plan," explained Eunhyuk.

"Plan? For what?"

"To get you and Yesung together of course!" exclaimed Donghae.

"Wait, what?" asked a dumbfounded Ryeowook.

Eunhyuk and Donghae smiled at each other.

"If it's love you need-" Eunhyuk started.

"Then Fishy Monkey Dating Service is the place to be!" finished Donghae. Ryeowook stared at them blankly.

"I'm still lost."

"When we heard you need help winning over Yesung-" Donghae started.

"We decided to pitch in and help. So here we are," finished Eunhyuk.

"Wait...you did...aish why did I tell you guys about this?!" shrieked Ryeowook.

"I don't know, cuz you chose to?" stated Eunhyuk.

"Oh here they come!" yelled Donghae, who was waving to Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Yesung walking over to the entrance of the house.

"About time you got here!" yelled Eunhyuk.

"We would have been here earlier, if it weren't for a certain someone," replied Sungmin, glaring at Kyuhyun.

"I'd to see you try and kill a hundred enemies in one night," retorted the maknae.

"Well, the good thing is we're all here now," piped Yesung.

"Yeah, so here's the plan. Me and Hae will go first, followed by Kyu and Minnie, then Sunggie and Wookie," declared Eunhyuk.

"Why are we last?!" exclaimed Ryeowook.

"Would you rather go first?" asked Donghae.

"If it means getting the horror over more quickly, then nee!"

"Ok then, Sunggie and Wookie will go first then," stated Eunhyuk. At least I won't have to worry about Wookie killing me after this, he thought.

"Are you guys ready?" asked Sungmin.

"Yup," replied Yesung, now standing next to Ryeowook at the entrance.

"Ok then, let's begin!" exclaimed Eunhyuk and Donghae. With that said, Yesung and Ryeowook entered the haunted house.


Creepy wasn't even the word to describe the inside of the haunted house. It was dark and gloomy, with red torches along the walls, emitting a low red glow. The stone walls were adorned with cobwebs and even a few spiders, which Ryeowook had no idea whether they were real or not. The entire place was cold, really cold, that he actually shivered, despite wearing a thick wool sweater and his coat.
Along the floor was a thin, dark trail of blood, which they had to follow to get to the end.

"Well, might as well get this over with," piped Yesung. He held his hand out to Ryeowook, who looked at it with surprise.

"Ye-Yesung-hyung?" stuttered the boy.

Yesung smiled a warm, comforting smile that Ryeowook was still able to make out in the darkness.

"You look like you're about to faint any minute Wookie. I think you should hold on to me just in case," replied Yesung.

"Al-Alright then." Ryeowook graciously clamped his hand onto Yesung's, surprised at how warm it felt.

"Let's get going." Yesung led him down a dark hallway, following the trail of blood. When they got to the end of the hallway, they were greeted by a large wooden door. Yesung pushed it open, and the creaking sound made Ryeowook flinch. They walked in, surprised to see that it was a sitting room, complete with dusty bookshelves covered in more cobwebs, faded Victorian-styled couches and chairs, and an old piano in the corner, covered in a sheet of dust. Rather than being lit by red torches, this room was lit with half-melted candles.

"Strange, the trail leads to the bookshelf instead of the door," replied Yesung, who let go of Ryeowook's hand to follow the trail. Ryeowook, who was now interested in the piano, walked over and sat down on the bench. He was about to play it when suddenly, the piano started playing itself. Ryeowook jumped, knocking the bench over, startling him even more.

"Hyung!" he screamed as he ran over to Yesung, now clutching the older's arm like a child clinging onto his mother.

"It's ok Wookie, I'm here," came Yesung's calming voice.

"How do we get out of here?" shrieked the boy.

"Let's see, in most situations, you would pull a book off the bookshelf, the shelf will open to reveal a trap door," stated Yesung.

"But which book do we use?" asked Ryeowook in a shaky voice.

"Let's see. Most of these books are either green, brown or dark red, but this," he pointed to a black book on the second shelf, "is the only black book on the shelf. So if I'm correct, it's the black book."

"Ok then, let's try it." Ryeowook pulled out the black book out, and the shelf began to shake. It then slide to the left, revealing another long hallway, similar to the first one they went through. Sure enough, they saw the thin, red trail leading down the hallway.

"You did it Wookie! Now let's hurry!" Yesung grabbed the younger's hand and led him down the hallway.

As they walked down to the end of the hallway, they were met with another door, which led into a bedroom. Like the sitting room, it was adorned with old Victorian furniture, except this time there was a bed. The bed had four posts, with a moth-eaten canopy hanging over it. On the bed was a dusty, moth-eaten blanket. It looked rather lumpy for some reason that the boys didn't know about.

"Look, the trail leads through that door!" exclaimed Ryeowook, who was pointing to what looked like a closet door.

"Hold on Wookie, let's explore the room first," replied Yesung, who started walking towards the bed.

"Hyung," Ryeowook whined. The house was doing a good job of scaring him, and he wanted to get as quick as possible. Unfortunately, Yesung was making that difficult with his curiousity.

"I wonder what's under the blanket," wondered Yesung. He pulled away the blanket to reveal a doll with red curls and a porcelain face, complete with ruby red lips and a lacey velvet dress. The doll's eyes were closed, so there was no telling what color they were.

"What a pretty doll," Yesung said to himself as he picked it up. He held it close to his face to get a better look, but when he did, its eyes suddenly opened, revealing piercing red irises. The doll's mouth cracked an evil smile as it let out an evil cackle.

"Ahh!" screamed both boys as Yesung dropped the doll back on the bed, not bothering to pull back the blanket.

"Let's get out of here!" shrieked Ryeowook as he grabbed Yesung's hand, threw open and ran down the hallway to the door at the end. As soon as they opened it, they were greeted by the cold spring air and the bright sunlight. Ryeowook couldn't have felt more relieved as he plopped down on the cool grass. Yesung plopped down next to him, breathing hard.

"That...was...so damn...scary," Ryeowook managed to say while gasping for air.

"I...know," responded Yesung, trying to calm his breathing.

"But we got through it together," piped Ryeowook. Even he was scared half to death, he was glad to spend time with Yesung.

"Yeah, I'm grateful to have you with me Wookie," replied Yesung, who was now looking right into Ryeowook's doe-like eyes. Ryeowook could feel his cheeks getting warm, so he looked away. Yesung smiled at him warmly, but the boy was too embarassed to look up.


20 minutes later, all the boys were reunited once again, relieved that they all got through the haunted house safely. As they all walked back to the dorms, Ryeowook and Yesung fell back a little so they could talk without the others eavesdropping.

"Thanks for today hyung. I don't what could've happened if you weren't with me," said Ryeowook. He looked over at a silent Yesung, who was still walking with his head down.

"Hyung, are you listening?" Yesung suddenly stopped walking, as did Ryeowook.

"Hyung what's wrong? Are you feeling alright?" asked Ryeowook in his worried motherly tone.

"I'm fine Wookie, It's just, well, there's something I've been needing to tell you, and I've been putting it off for a while now," started Yesung.

"I'm listening," replied Ryeowook. He turned Yesung towards him so that they were both facing each other.

"I wanted to this another way, but I can't hold it in any longer." He then held Ryeowook's hands in his smaller ones. Ryeowook felt his cheeks turning red, but he didn't look away.

"Wookie-ah, I'm in love with you. I loved you for so long now, but I didn't know how to show it. I know I'm not as romantic as Minnie and Kyu, and not as exciting as Hyukie or Hae, but I'm hoping you'll love me just the way I am. And I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy," Yesung finished, with a wide-eye Ryeowook staring back at him. Before he could say anything, Ryeowook suddenly hugged him around his waist, his face buried in his chest.

"I love you too hyung. I always have and I always will." Ryeowook looked up at his hyung, tears of happiness streaming down his cheeks. "And I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy as well."

"You already do by breathing." Yesung then wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and kissed him gently, in the middle of the cold spring air. Ryeowook was shocked at first, then he slowly returned the kiss, feeling warm within Yesung's embrace. He never thought this day could come any sooner, but now it did. He finally had Yesung, and he couldn't ask for anything else in the world.

Meanwhile, while Kyuhyun and Sungmin were walking up front, cuddling against each other, Eunhyuk and Donghae turned around to look behind themselves. They smiled as they saw Yesung and Ryeowook finally kissing each other, and holding onto one another as though they never wanted to let go. The two date planners shared a smile with each other.

" Our mission," Eunhyuk started.

"Is now complete," finished Donghae.


Ok, I kinda failed at the haunted house part, cuz I'm not used to writing something scary. Anyway I finished this fic faster than I expected, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Comments are <3!


( 2 comments — Give some love to Kyumin )
Oct. 9th, 2010 05:43 pm (UTC)
This was adorable! Keep writing!
Feb. 7th, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC)
aww adorable!!!there so cute
Yes Fishy Monkey Dating Service success!!!^_^
( 2 comments — Give some love to Kyumin )



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