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Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 1/2]

Title: Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 1/2]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, fluff, humor
Pairing: Main!Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin
Summary: Ryeowook's in love with Yesung, but he can't seem to get him to notice it. That's when Eunhae comes in to save the...love?

First Yewook fic! Despite having a bias, I wanted to experiment with writing about the other couples as well. Enjoy!

Why won't he notice? It''s not like I'm making it difficult to notice! Ryeowook mentally screamed in his head. Seriously, he had done everything all those chessy teen magazines had told him to do. Get his attention, flirt, compliment him, etc. And what happens? Nothing!
The eternal maknae started to wonder why those editors hired those useless writers anyway.

Probably short on staff! He snapped mentally as he peeled another apple. Since the magazines were extremely pointless, Ryeowook decided to win over his lover the old-fashioned way: taking care of him. That was already pretty simple, seeing as Ryeowook was the resident chef. He loved cooking, and it made him feel all warm inside when he saw the other members gobble down his cooking, satisfying their hunger. As much as everyone complimented his extraordinary cooking skills, there was only one person he wanted to hear compliments from.

"Your cooking never fails to impress me. Nice going Wookie!" Yesung had said, ruffling his hair. As soon as he heard the low, husky voice, his heart would begin to feel like it was flying, and he felt that he was getting closer to winning Yesung's love. Sadly, that was not the case, because compliments were the only thing that he received, nothing more.

Ryeowook sighed as he carried the plate of fresh peeled fruit into the living room, where Eunhyuk, Donghae and Yesung were watching T.V. He could also hear the soothing sound of Sungmin's guitar coming from his dorm room, which he shared with Kyuhyun. Knowing him, he was probably gaming away on his laptop, as usual.

"Hyungs I bring you fruit! Minnie-hyung, Kyu-ah come out and eat some fruit!" Ryeowook called out in his motherly tone.

"Honestly Wookie, one umma-type member is good enough," piped Eunhyuk, who had Donghae's head on his lap.

"Yeah, but Teukie-umma doesn't cook as good though," added Donghae, who sat up and grabbed an apple slice and put it to Eunhyuk's mouth, only to jerk it away when he was ready to take a bit. Eunhyuk merely glared at his boyfriend before helping himself to an apple slice. Ryeowook couldn't help but envy the playful moment.

"It's a good thing we have you around Wookie, cuz we can all stay healthy," replied Sungmin, who plopped down next to him.

"Yeah, Teukie-hyung never peels fruit for us," added Kyuhyun, who sat next to Sungmin and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Sungmin responded by feeding the maknae an apple slice. Ryeowook pushed the plate of fruit towards Yesung, whose eyes were completely glued to the T.V screen.

"Hyung you should eat some fruit, you've looked really tired these days," replied Ryeowook, who was trying not to blush.

"Really? I have? Well, in that case, thanks for telling me," responded Yesung, now munching on an apple slice. Ryeowook smiled shyly at his hyung.

Yesung, as much as I love you, I wish you'd start paying attention to all these hints already! Ryeowook was screaming in his head again. Lately, he had a tendency of doing that, since he's been so frustrated.

"You know what? I think Ddangkoma would love some apple. Can I feed him a bit Wookie?" asked Yesung excitedly. Whenever it came to his turtle, Yesung was always ready to care for him. Ryeowook couldn't help but feel a little irritated at Yesung for choosing a turtle over him.

Then again, the turtle costs more than what I earn, so I can't argue with that, he thought.

"Yeah sure, go ahead hyung," replied Ryeowook, trying not to grit his teeth. Yesung grabbed an apple slice and ran to their room, eager to feed his pet.

Ryeowook sighed, which made the remaining members look up.

"Wookie what's wrong?" asked Sungmin.

"Did Yesung do something to make you mad?" piped Eunhyuk.

"Does it involve his turtle again?" groaned Kyuhyun.

"Or do you know something we don't?" questioned Donghae.

Ryeowook sighed again, louder this time. He didn't want to tell anyone until he and Yesung were actually a couple, but there was no hiding it now.

"Nothing's wrong. Yesung didn't do anything wrong it's just...just...aish I wish he would notice already!" Ryeowook wailed.

"Notice what?" questioned Sungmin.

"That I'm...I'm...?" he began.

"You're what?"

"That I'm...in love...with...him," he finished.

"Wh-" Donghae was about to yell before Eunhyuk clamped his hand over the younger's mouth, jerking his thumb in the direction of Yesung's room.

"Really?" asked a wide-eyed Sungmin.

"I didn't see this coming," remarked Kyuhyun.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Sungmin asked again.

"I wanted to tell you when we were actually a couple, but as of now that's not going to happen anytime soon," Ryeowook responded, his eyes now on the floor.

"Aww don't worry Wookie. Sunggie's crazy if he doesn't he love you," piped Donghae.

"Then why does he pay more attention to his turtle than me?"

"Cuz he really loves his pet. But if he fell in love you with you'd come before anything in his world," added Eunhyuk.

"Really, you think so?"

"Of course Wookie. I went through the same thing with Kyu here and his laptop. Now look where we are," Sungmin repiled, snuggling closer to Kyuhyun.

"Sungmin's my everything now. I don't even remember why I bothered with computer games when I could spend time with him." The maknae then planted a kiss on the older's forehead.

"You know, I think I know why Yesung hasn't paid attention to you," stated Eunhyuk.

"Why's that?" asked Ryeowook.

"You never spend anytime together," stated Donghae.

"We do. I mean, we share a room together."

"That's not what I mean. Have you ever gone out with him? Spend some quality time together? Just the two of you?"

"Well, no," answered the now moping Ryeowook.

"My point exactly."

"In that case, we need to get you two together!" exclaimed Eunhyuk, who was sharing a look with Donghae.

"How?" asked Sungmin.

"You'll see," replied Donghae, as he grabbed Eunhyuk's wrist and ran to their room.

Ryeowook looked at his two hyungs quizically.

"What do they mean by that?" asked Ryeowook.

"I don't know, but what ever it is," Sungmin started.

"It can't be good," finished Kyuhyun.

~End of part 1~

That's Yewook for all of you, or at least their beginning. Part 2 probably won't be up till next week since school will be keeping me away from writing >.> Anyway, hope you guys liked it and as always, comments are <3!


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Feb. 7th, 2011 10:54 pm (UTC)
omo i like it!!! its cute just like ryeowook!!
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